Possible new GBAO closure (late August...)

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Possible new GBAO closure (late August...)

Post by Christian77 »

The president of Tajikistan is set to visit GBAO on a victory tour of sorts. Expect a massive security presence and a possible shut-down as far as foreign tourists are concerned.

Radio Ozodi reports: "The exact dates of Rahmon's trip to Gorno-Badakhshan are unknown, but Radio Ozodi's sources said it would most likely take place in early September." https://rus.ozodi.org/a/31997901.html

That means a possible shut-down leading up to visit. I remember tourists being stuck in Osh several years ago waiting for another presidential visit that closed the region for a week. It's also possible that there are so few tourists that security forces won't bother shutting down the region.
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Re: Possible new GBAO closure (late August...)

Post by edu »

Thanks for the heads up! We have a Pamir jeep tour booked for the 2nd to the 12th of September, so far our guide hasn't said anything about plans changing and we have all been issued GBAO permits. If the guide informs us about a change of plans I'll update here.
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Re: Possible new GBAO closure (late August...)

Post by Nazrulo »

Hello there
It's unlikely that the GBAO will be closed for tourists during the President visit. The visit itself usually doesn't take longer than 2-3 days and believe that things will remain unchanged.

Best wishes
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Re: Possible new GBAO closure (late August...)

Post by jvjjjvvv »

Currently going back to Dushanbe from Khorog by car (by the way, was a bit of a struggle to find one with room for three bikers). We saw a quite large convoy of army trucks a few hours ago. Something 'important' going on?
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Re: Possible new GBAO closure (late August...)

Post by Atkudabrat2 »

Rahmon visited the GBAO in 2018 (mine project near Alichur)
No closure or any problem moving around during his short trip

This is pure speculation..most likely nothing will happen like Nazrulo mentionned
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