Alauddin Lake in May

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Alauddin Lake in May

Post by arsenal4mylife »

Hi guys, I am currently planning my trip to Central Asia in May.
I know thats not the best optimal time, but is a day trip from Dushanbe or Panjakent doable in mid May?
Only want to experience a bit of doing really short walk from Vertikal Aladuddin to the lake.

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Re: Alauddin Lake in May

Post by Christian77 »

As far as the snow being melted? Yes. As far as the road not being washed out by spring rain? Probably OK. But you will be driving all day long, rushing to the lake and then rushing back. You won't have much time at the lake.
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Re: Alauddin Lake in May

Post by willemspie »

From Dushanbe, it is a long trip. Better an overnight trip, but then Iskanderkul lake and a homestay in Sarytag.
From Pendjikent yea a day trip is possible but I should rather hike to Kulikalon lake.
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