The Pamir Highway: Overrated or Underrated?

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Re: The Pamir Highway: Overrated or Underrated?

Postby 3times_around » Thu May 12, 2016 6:57 pm

Chiming in, try to be brief, 180+ countries visited, several of them multiple times. And i've been the direction u mentioned ...Osh to Dushanbe... started to read posts thoroughly but skimmed, so pardon errors and items omitted by trying to be brief

is Pamir THE place? you decide. You've done some research already (and probably more about this area than other areas), but ust don;t get locked-in to Pamirs mostly because of research it more than other places

Summarizing your facts and objectives: 3 weeks, w/ wife, both fit. Want some fitness activity, to interact w/ ppl, experience original cultures/traditions vs another globalized area.

1. Distance .. long .... especially Khorog to Dushanbe 20 hrs ... yes, a lot of sitting in car
2. Sights variation ... far apart
3. Scenery itself ... kind of bleak (and i've been other bleak/barren areas, which has some appeal , but things in the distance are not as close you think so if u went off toad every time something was in the distance it would take considerable time. Also, the human eye can make the very-wide-angle "snapshot" but not so easy for a camera (for the memory in the human mind some months/years later) and in panorama-mode several cameras do not allow zoom. Drone overhead would provide best angles vertically but again not fully width wise.
4. Human interaction ... communities are few and far apart
5. fitness / stretch-your-legs activity .... break the 3 week trip into some smaller modules .. and then you'll see if / how u can incorporate more than a 1-day hike/cycle/etc side-trip here and there
6. vs other places nearby ... Osh breaks at Sary Tash ... to China and Tajik-Pamirs (assuming other tajik-direction rd closed to tourists).
(a) Yurts, mountains, hiking in Sary Mogul / eco-rural tourism ... all good in KG (Kyrgyzstan) before starting the Pamirs
(b) "other side" of Dushanbe ... valleys (vs Pamirs having long plateau stretches) with mountains & lakes ... long exhausting 3 weeks if u include such area towards Penjikent together w/ Pamirs
7. vs other places in the world .... a few general considerations:
i. people make the place .... good place but bad people = sub-optimal experience; so-so location but great ppl = unexpected good experience !
ii. date /timing of travel ... and look for festivals / special or annual events .... for example, if visiting Mongolia at Golden Eagle and other festivals times, makes it a better place. How many of such simiar scale festivals are there in Pamir?

Suggestion: list activities that appeal to you + consider season of your 3-week period and then prioritize / identify top few activities that your brains & bodies are wanting to do

Pardon, i need to get to some other items. Hope this helps.... and that the WiFi here continues to work
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Re: The Pamir Highway: Overrated or Underrated?

Postby Gilgamesh » Fri Jun 02, 2017 8:43 pm

As the OP, I thought I'd circle back and let people know my wife and I chose to go instead to Ladakh. This was a little of a tough call. While we had already made several previous trips to India, ultimately we looked at the car time in Tajikistan and decided to do something more active, going trekking in the Zanskar Range. As the crow flies, this area is not really so far from the Pamirs, and there seemed some real similarities. It was a great trip, which I would say more about, but India isn't one of the locations that has a sub-forum here.

By all means, though, the Pamirs are not off the list...
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Re: The Pamir Highway: Overrated or Underrated?

Postby Marin&Jet » Fri Jun 09, 2017 9:14 am

Great to read these posts. We will go to the Pamir in July this year and think of driving ourselves instaed of hiring a driver. Are the driving skills if the local drivers really that bad?
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Re: The Pamir Highway: Overrated or Underrated?

Postby steven » Mon Jun 12, 2017 9:33 am

The answers to this topic went a bit off-topic in my opinion. I split off the post to this new location: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3050

My apologies to Mazeno.

This topic is locked.
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