Cheapest Way to Get to Tajikstan From Overseas?

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Cheapest Way to Get to Tajikstan From Overseas?

Postby Gilgamesh » Thu Mar 10, 2016 5:33 pm

There was a time in my life where I covered much ground as an independent traveler. Meeting other people who had been out on the road for a long time, the conversations usually centered around two things -- what not to miss, and how cheaply we could live. This is no criticism -- long trips through places where you can't use a credit card, there are no ATMs, and money changing rates and options vary -- that's just what you do.

Years later I'm looking at a shorter trip, maybe a bit over 3 weeks or so, and am looking to finally visit Tajikistan. My primary interests are the Pamirs, mountain culture, and seeing seeing some beautiful country and perhaps wildlife -- admittedly broad goals and not very original, but there you have it.

One thing that might deter me from going to Tajikistan, however, is the cost of getting there. I wonder if anyone can comment on this and offer some insight and recommendations. I would be flying from the US, and here's what I know:

1. International flights into Dushanbe are pricey, with large carrier arrivals coming primarily from Istanbul and Moscow. These are about 3x the price of a flight to Delhi, and we are also thinking of Ladakh.

2. So far it seems flying into Kazakhstan is the least expensive, with Almaty a bit cheaper than Astana. I do have a good friend in Astana, but am unsure about the possibility and any details (including costs) of flying from Almaty to Dunshanbe or Osh.

3. Flying to Bishkek is a little more expensive than either Kazakh option, but could work out best -- if there are flights from Kyrgyzstan into Tajikistan. For a Pamir Highway trip, I'd envision either flying into Dushanbe and heading to Osh, and doing it the other way by starting in Osh. In either case we'd need to get to or from Dushanbe.

Now it may look cheaper flying into Almaty or Bishkek, but depending on flight prices within the CIS, it may not be such a deal. Time is also the crux here. At another stage in life, I'd figure out buses, trains, and ride shares on the go. Admittedly things don't always go like clockwork in Central Asia, but I am hoping to find a relatively inexpensive and quick way to get in, so we can spend most of our time in the mountains. Any ideas?
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Re: Cheapest Way to Get to Tajikstan From Overseas?

Postby bwv812 » Thu Mar 10, 2016 7:32 pm

There are cheap flights (i.e., $20) from Bishkek to Osh. And Air Astana flies direct from Dushanbe to Almaty, with Astana only a bit more expensive.

From a couple minutes of poking around on Google, it looks like flying JFK to Bishkek to Osh, and then returning Dushanbe-Almaty/Astana-JFK would seem to offer the cheapest and most direct routes, and cost about $1200.

You can get started with Google's flexible search engine here:; ... ;tt=o;mc=e
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Re: Cheapest Way to Get to Tajikstan From Overseas?

Postby steven » Thu Mar 17, 2016 7:30 am

Cheapest flights into Dushanbe would come from Moscow, Istanbul or Tehran I think.
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Re: Cheapest Way to Get to Tajikstan From Overseas?

Postby arthurschmidt2000 » Fri Mar 18, 2016 1:35 pm

Consider going via China.

From Urumqi is a bus to Almaty. From Kashgar (Kashi) to Osh.
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