Dushanbe Airport Dilemma

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Re: Dushanbe Airport Dilemma

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Hi, created an account just to comment on this thread & share our experience.
My husband and I flew from Dushanbe to Almaty on 7 Oct, at around 12 PM. We read this thread & took some precautions as we also brought >$3000, we put our wads of cash in less obvious places (leggings' pockets, sunglasses' case, laptop bag, neck pillow, etc...).

Anyway, we arrived a bit early (earlier at 9 AM on purpose as around 10 AM there were 2-3 flights so we thought that time might be the busiest and hence safest, meanwhile after our 12 PM flight, the next was at 4 PM - long time gap) so we just stood waiting in front of the check-in counter. One officer came to us and asked something in Russian, we said we only speak English and he left. Then another officer came and asked to see our passports. We gave our passports to him & mentioned that we're Muslims from Indonesia (we said "Assalamualaikum" to everyone around Tajikistan just to be safe) & he warmed up to us. Then the check-in counter opened and we went through it and all the checkpoints mentioned (yes, there were 5 checkpoints) without being asked anything. (There was only one guy at the checkpoint before immigration and he was busy on his phone).
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Re: Dushanbe Airport Dilemma

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Yesterday, Oct. 27, around noon I witnessed an Asian passenger being harassed by the official next to the counter I was at. These are dual pods (two officers sitting next to each other). The other passenger was Thai and the officer dealing with him said he cannot board the flight because he did not register, even though the passenger had stayed in TJK for 12 days (less than the 2 weeks needed for registration). I was afraid that the officer dealing with me would similarly harass me because I had stayed for about12 days and had not registered. In addition I did I have the entry form you're supposed to fill out when you enter the country. (They'd run out of forms, so I did not fill it out and they let me in.) In fact the two officers even exchanged some words. In the event I (US passport) was let go without any questions, but the other guy got stuck. Eventually he called his local colleague and handed over the phone to the officer. Not sure what the two talked about, but after the call the Thai passenger was let through as well.
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Re: Dushanbe Airport Dilemma

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Sad to see it's happening again and again. It's best to avoid Dushanbe Airport and fly from Tashkent for example.
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