Dushanbe into GBAO - 4 days

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Dushanbe into GBAO - 4 days

Post by JannikevB »

Hi everyone,

We are planning a trip from Dushanbe to GBAO region and return with a group of 4-5 people. We have only four days (it is part of a business trip to Tashkent), so time is very tight. We would like to see the farming systems in GBAO region. What is realistic to reach/ visit in this time? We were thinking of going up until Rushan area and maybe also visit the region around Bartang Valley as we thought going to Chorugh is probably too far for the short time. Also does anyone know whether it is possible to get the permit for going into GBAO already before entering TAJ? We would fly into TAJ on Saturday morning and would like to hit the road for GBAO right away. Finally: Is it better to organise the trip through a tourist organisation because of military checkpoints or to hire a private driver? Thank you, Jannike
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Re: Dushanbe into GBAO - 4 days

Post by Kalpazan »

You can apply for e-visa and opt for GBAO permit included in it. For the tight schedule you have I suggest you try to arrange private taxi. Not sure what kind of farming "system" do you want to see but in TJ it is very basic - growing vegetables and taking livestock high up in the mountains for grazing.
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Re: Dushanbe into GBAO - 4 days

Post by Christian77 »

If you are actually just wanting to see the type of farming system, the upper Zarafshon valley is a clone for agricultural systems in the Pamirs - high dry valley with little diversion canals (''ariqs") from glacial streams irrigating an aluvial fan or a bench. That's on the road between Dushanbe and the north of the country. The government name is "Kuhistoni Mastchoh District."
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Re: Dushanbe into GBAO - 4 days

Post by willemspie »

4 days is rushed, considering it's such a long 4WD drive and back. So I support the previous answer, check out a nearer destination.
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Re: Dushanbe into GBAO - 4 days

Post by Nazrulo »

Hello there,
If you are planning to look at gardening and vegetable growing including potato you may plan visiting the Vanj valley (2nd district out of 7 which is much closer in terms of distance and time travelling from Dushanbe). It takes one day drive to reach Vanj valley (around 10 hours drive).
The second option is to visit Rushon (Rushan) district which has larger irrigation land compare to other districts in the GBAO. It also has the largest number of Green houses functioning at the centre called Vomar town. To reach Rushon it takes two days relax drive and one day intensive driving (13-14 hours).
So overall you need at least 4-5 days for this journey.

If you need a private 4wd or translation assistance we are here to help.

best regards
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