Hiking Artush-Kulikalon Lakes-Alaudin Lakes

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Hiking Artush-Kulikalon Lakes-Alaudin Lakes

Postby abombardier » Sun Apr 10, 2016 4:06 pm

Hi everyone,

I would be interested in hearing some feedback on that hiking route. I already did some research on the topic but I would like to hear somebody's experience, if possible. I am waiting for the PDF from Jan Bakker and considering the option of buying Bradt Tajikistan to get more information.

More precisely, my questions are:

Anybody ever did the whole Artush-Kulikalon Lakes-Alaudin Lakes via Laudon Pass in one day? If yes, how was it?

Is it really necessary to hire a guide for this route?

Thank you for any feedback or suggestions!

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Paramount Journey
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Re: Hiking Artush-Kulikalon Lakes-Alaudin Lakes

Postby Paramount Journey » Wed Apr 13, 2016 4:47 pm

Hi Amélie,
It would be very challenging, about 20 km and 2000m elevation gain unless if you are not pro trekker. Personally i have done 25 km per day with same elevation gain with 20 kg weight and it was very exhausting. Usually, moderate experienced trekkers do such route in 3 days, one day around the Alauddin lake as an acclimatization day, 2 days for trekking through Laudan to Artuch. With this timeline you may enjoy nature and not strain to the limit your body.
It is our interactive map where you can see the picture of some nice spots and measure the elevation and distance.
It is not necessary to hire a guide unless if you have gps navigator or find someone who can show you the way. There is only a tricky moment where you have to chose a right mountains pass, there is a false Laudan pass that confuse people, Alauddin pass which is harder than Laudan.
Bon voyage!
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Re: Hiking Artush-Kulikalon Lakes-Alaudin Lakes

Postby abombardier » Mon Apr 25, 2016 5:19 pm

Hi Alovaddin,

Thank your very much for your reply; very helpful!

We will take all this into consideration!

Best regards,

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Re: Hiking Artush-Kulikalon Lakes-Alaudin Lakes

Postby 3times_around » Thu May 12, 2016 5:24 pm

Hello Amelie,

Is your group (how many people?) still interested in part or all of the area?
How many days do you have?
What approximate date (month; start/mid/end) ?

Already hiked, separately, 7-lakes valley and Iskanderkul(3 times).
Would like to hike these areas end-to-end.

Experienced hiker...altitude & distance; sometimes for the fitness aspect, sometimes stopping for longer than planned to enjoy particular spots.... it's a balance
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