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Re: Tajikistan E-visa Q&A

Postby DavidMayor » Fri Dec 20, 2019 11:27 am

Hello everyone, I haven't seen any report on this topic, so I would like to share my experience regarding the validity period of Tajikistan E-visa, in case this information can be useful for anyone.

I was planning to leave Tajikistan on my 42nd day (Saturday) when I noticed that the validity period of my E-visa had expired the day before. I couldn't find any reliable information on whether that is considered an overstay or not. As I understood, some countries state that visas are valid up to xx days WITHIN the validity period, whereas for other countries, such as Iran, the validity period only applies for the moment of entering the country, so that even if the visa is valid until, say, 20 June, you can enter the country on 19th June and still stay in one month. The official website of Tajik e-visa is not at all clear in this respect. However, my common sense told me that it would be considered an overstay so I decided to wait until Monday and try to find a solution at OVIR office.

So on Monday morning (my 44th day in Tajikistan) I went to OVIR in the following address:


there they told me that I had to go instead to the consular office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pushkin street (it's no longer in the main building of the ministry near Tajikiston hotel). Here's the new address


The official there took my passport and E-visa and visibly didn't know what do with my case. After consulting a colleague (or was it a superior?) he told me that it was OVIR's job to sort it out. When I told him that I had been to OVIR that very morning and that it was precisely them who sent me to his office, he mentioned a vague "protocol" that should be initiated by OVIR. I insisted and asked why they had sent me there then, but he just shrugged.

So back to OVIR office I talked with a different guy who "studied" my case and concluded that there was no problem at all. He said I was still within the 45 days of legal stay, so that I should leave the next day at the latest, but that other than that there was no problem whatsoever. I pointed out that the validity period had expired already three days before. He said that there wasn't any problem about it, that the only important thing was not to overstay the 45 days.

I asked him to give me any certificate to confirm his words because I feared the officers at the border would have a different idea, but he said it was not possible to do that, and he reassured me saying there wouldn't be any problem at the border.

I was not at all convinced by his explanation, but there was, apparently, nothing else I could do.

The next day I took the train Dushanbe - Termez. Border procedures take place inside Dushanbe train station. The officer just took my E-visa and stamped my passport... it was done, really easy!

But of course it couldn't be that easy. Fifteen minutes before the departure the ticket collector came in and told me to take all my luggage and get off the train. Outside there were four police officers waiting for me. They told me that I had overstayed my visa and that I couldn't leave like that. In vain I explained to them what I had been told at OVIR the day before. My only proof was a little ticket with a number that proved that at least I had been at the Ministry the day before. They seemed to be a bit puzzled and like waiting for someone to come and handle the situation.

They told me to wait for a while on the platform, one of the them took his phone and I heard him explaining my case to someone. Whoever it was didn't give him any clear answer either. In the meantime the other officers asked me how many days I had stayed in the country and why exactly I had found myself in that situation, among other questions including the performance of Luca Modric and Gerard Piqué in the last El Clásico (I'm Spanish). After a couple of failed attempts by the other guy to get to someone else on the phone, they informed me that I was free to go, so I boarded again the train quietly without asking any more questions.

As a summary: I still don't know if the 3 month validity period refers to the period of stay or just to the date of entry. I don't know if I was still a legal tourist or if I overstayed my visa but was graciously pardoned in the very last moment. At least we can confirm that it's possible to leave on the 45th day.

btw, for the record, I'm a Spanish passport holder, this was my third Tajik e-visa and to make things worse I have an old Tajik visa on my passport with my surname misspelled, a typo that no one has seemed to have noticed but which makes me panic every time I have to cross the border.
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Re: Tajikistan E-visa Q&A

Postby chelmi_ouest_coast » Fri Feb 07, 2020 3:01 pm

I read on the site of the French diplomacy about the visa that the duration of stay of a vehicle was 15 days maximum without the need to make administrative steps. Beyond that it is necessary to make a temporary importation or something similar.

Do you know if these 15 days are particularly respected ? Logically the stay should not exceed 15 days but you never know. What if this goes beyond what's going on?

Thank you

Mod : i just see the page https://caravanistan.com/transport/driv ... r-payments

I just saw the page, thank's, i'll see it in June ;)
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