Internet data on Pamir highway

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Re: best coverage for mobile data

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I found this to be very helpfull:

This kind of summary is also avilable for other countrys.
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Re: best coverage for mobile data

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Thank you, very helpful indeed.
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Re: Internet data on Pamir highway

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We travelled the Pamir Highway and had two SIM cards, one from T-Cell and one from Megafon. Here's a comparison (the speed indicates the internet quality; if there was service calls and SMS were possible).

"Very slow" means it was nearly unusable, only emails and text messages would work most of the time. Slow means usable, but slow. 3G is HSDPA / UMTS, 2G is EDGE / GPRS.
City        Megaphon            TCell
Dushanbe:   3G, fast            3G, fast
Tavildara:  2G, slow            2G, slow
Krgovad:    2G, slow            no service
Chorugh:    3G, fast            3G, fast
Ishkashim:  2G, very slow       2G, very slow
Yamg:       2G, no data         2G, very slow
Langar:     no service          2G, very slow
Murghab:    3G, slow            ?
Karakul:    2G, very slow       no service
Especially in Wakhan Valley, T-Cell seems to be the better choice. For Eastern Pamir, Megafon may be better.
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