Train times in Tajikistan

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Train times in Tajikistan

Postby Wahlsted » Fri Feb 10, 2017 12:13 pm

Does anyone know about timetables/departure times for domestic trains in Tajikistan? I have searched but found more or less nothing.

The international trains Moscow - Dushanbe (3/week) and Moscow - Khundjad (1/week) that still runs are searchable at or (they don't stop in Uzbekistan to let anyone on or of) but of little use. Local trains are generally not in there database.

Some sources say ther is a daily local Dushanbe - Pakhtaabad (Tursunzoda) and Dushanbe - qurgonteppa (-Kulob?). Have anyone seen a timetable for them? A photo of the timetable board in Dushanbe railway station perhaps?
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Re: Train times in Tajikistan

Postby Solsticio » Tue Feb 21, 2017 10:25 pm

When I was in Kulob in October, they had just inaugurated a new train station. A daily train now goes between Kulob and Dushanbe, passing through Qurgonteppa. It takes about 8 hours compared to 2-2,5 hours by shared taxis directly from Kulob to Dushanbe, so I would only recommend it if you want to pass through Qurgonteppa. I didn't write down the time table, but in any case it was not a night train.
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Re: Train times in Tajikistan

Postby Wahlsted » Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:27 pm

I went there and checked, so now I can answer my own question. ;)

According to what is posted at the station in Dushanbe the trains running (June 2017) in Tajikistan is:

Long distance trains of little use for domestic travel (bookable through the “Express” system as in all CIS states, timetable and days can be found at and elsewhere):
319-329/320-330 Dushanbe – Moscow – Dushanbe, 4/week (reduced to 2/week?)
359/360 Khujand – Moscow – Khujand, 1/week
367/368 Dushanbe ( - Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan) – Khujand – Konibodom and back, 1/week at special order. Runs only spring and autumn.

Local trains, without booking and not found in “Express” or any search engine:
602 Dushanbe 08.00 – Kurgonteppa 12.00 – Kulob 15.40, Tuesday & Saturday
604 Dushanbe 08.00 – Kurgonteppa 12.00 – Shahrtuz 14.36, Tuesday & Saturday
601 Kulob 08.00 - Kurgonteppa 11.31 – Dushanbe 15.32, Wednesday & Sunday
603 Shahrtuz 08.50 - Kurgonteppa 11.31 – Dushanbe 15.32, Wednesday & Sunday
6373 Dushanbe 17.25 – Pakhtaabad (= Tursunzoda) 19.55, Daily
6374 Pakhtaabad 04.42 – Dushanbe 07.03, Daily

I went from Dushanbe with the train to Kurgonteppa where it splits to Kulob/ Shahrtuz. At the return the following day the two trains is joined together in Kurgonteppa. A very slow ride, but scenic through the mountains at the new-built (2016) railway. Definitely safer and more comfortable than the return by high-speed taxi at the mountain roads taking half the time...
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Re: Train times in Tajikistan

Postby steven » Tue Jun 20, 2017 6:12 am

Wonderful stuff, thank you!

I just noticed there is a new train going from Dushanbe to Astana ( over Beyneu and Zhezkazgan! ). Not sure if it will last beyond Expo2017, though.
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Re: Train times in Tajikistan

Postby Provodnik » Thu Jun 22, 2017 11:06 pm

The Dushanbe - Astana train doesn't use the relatively new line Kumkurgan - Tashguzar (- Karshi) inside Uzbekistan, but uses the traditional route around the mountains via Kelif/Turkmenistan. So it's probaly of not much use for international tourists, who need a visa for Turkmenstan.
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Re: Train times in Tajikistan

Postby mandelbrot » Fri Dec 15, 2017 9:18 pm

Thurs. 319 Kulob 17:32 - Kurgonteppa 21:12/21:32 - (Fri.) Dushanbe 2:27/3:07 - Pakhtaabad (?) - cont. to Moscow
Tue/Sat* 329 Dushanbe 3:07 - Pakhtaabad (?) - cont. to Moscow
Weds. 359 Khujand 15:13 - Spitamen 15:59/16:59 - cont. to Moscow

Friday 320 from Moscow - Pakhtaabad 15:22/15:24 - Dushanbe 16:51/17:21 - Kurgonteppa 22:20/22:40 - (Sat.) Kulob 2:12
Sun/Wed 330 from Moscow - Pakhtaabad 15:22/15:24 - Dushanbe 16:51
Thurs. 360 from Moscow - Spitamen 1:42/2:42 - Khujand 3:28

The day of the week at the start is the day that the train will be running through Tajikistan, not the day of origination from Moscow (for eastbound trains). Everything is from RZD.

*Might be Wednesday/Sunday, not sure about that.
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