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Itinerary for the Fann Mountains

Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:19 pm
by Bramvo
Hi folks,

I'm trying to put together a 10 day itinerary for somewhat experienced/fit hikers. Just wanted to check in with you and learn whether or not this itinerary may be too much to do in 10 days. I must admit I have not yet paid attention to ascents/descents which is something I'll do over the course of the next weeks. Look forward to your responses!

1. Artush - Kulikalon Lake [12k]
2. Kulikalon Lake - Alaudin Lake (via Kulisiyekh, Bibidzhonat) [9.6k]
3. Alaudin Lake - Campsite along Kaznok (via Mutnoye) [18k]
4. Kaznok campsite - Iskanderkul (via Sarytag) [18k]
5. Iskanderkul - Kaznok campsite [18k]
6. Kaznok campsite - Chimtarga pass [18k]
7. Chimtarga pass - Malloye allo (via Greater allo) [14k]
8. Malloye allo - Marguzor 6th (via Tamasang pass) [19k]
9. Marguzor 6th - Nofin 4th (via Hurdak, optionally 7th) [7.6k]
10. Nofin 4th - Shing (via 3rd, 2nd, 1st) [13k]


Re: Itinerary for the Fann Mountains

Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 7:35 am
by steven
Hi Bramvo,

I cannot advise you on this trip. I do recommend you have a look at the guidebook Trekking in Tajikistan from Jan Bakker: that is where you will find all the necessary info to plan such a trip.

Re: Itinerary for the Fann Mountains

Posted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:13 am
by Pamirski
And check the description for each pass and try to anticipate the conditions. We went over Kaznok at the begining of september and it was ok (but it is very steep for a trekking pass), but you can have ice (in any case you have ice, as you go on the glacier, the critical stretch is therefore the steep slope on the pass) there and need crampons and an ice axe.