Self-driving Pamir Highway - Advice on itinerary

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Self-driving Pamir Highway - Advice on itinerary

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My friends and I will be self-driving the Pamir Highway between 10 - 19/20 June, this year. I would appreciate any advice on the itinerary and places where we should stop. The plan is as below:

10.06 - leave Khujand in the morning - reach Obigarm by the end of the day.
11.06 - Obigarm - Rushan
12.06 - 14.06 - we'll be trekking in Jizew valley with a guide. In the evening of 14th we should be in Khorog and ready to start driving again in the morning of 15th.
15.06 - 16.06 - Reach Bulunkul after two days of driving. Any advise on possible short treks in the region or places to stop?
17.06 - Reach Murghab
18.06 - Reach Karakul
19/20 .06 - Reach Osh (we need to reach Osh on the 20th at the latest).

Does this itinerary sound reasonable? Would the higher passes be drivable in the mid June? Also Could you advise on any places to see/stop/eat or any particular homestay that are recommended on the way? Do you think we would have enough time to go for any other half-day trekking near Bulunkul or Karakul?

Sorry for long post, and appreciate your help.

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Re: Self-driving Pamir Highway - Advice on itinerary

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It sounds reasonable, though as always it would probably pay dividends to give yourself a bit more time along the way.

Between Khorog and Bulunkul I assume your plan is to go via the Wakhan valley? There are lots of little places to visit along the way even if you don't do a proper trek up one of the side valleys.

The passes in the Pamir remain open year round, and the bigger risk will be valley roads being washed out due to summer meltwater flooding.
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