7 lakes (Shing valley) public transport Q&A

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7 lakes (Shing valley) public transport Q&A

Post by Gareth »

Hi everyone,

I will be in Tajikistan for about a week late August. Anyone know if it's straightforward to arrange the following from Penkikent?

-Day trip to Seven Lakes then back to Penjikent
-Day in Isskander Kul and overnighting there before travel the next day through the Yagnob Valley to arrive in Khujand that evening.

I am close to booking a tour but the prices quoted are quite high.

I'd appreciate any advice on this.

Many thanks
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Re: Arranging travel in Penjikent

Post by bwv812 »

Neither are possible by public transportation, as you will need a private car & driver to accomplish either.

If you speak Russian or Tajik you might be able to arrange a 7-lakes driver fairly easily, otherwise you will probably have to arrange something through a local tour operator or ZTDA or ZTB.
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Re: Arranging travel in Penjikent

Post by steven »

You can go to 7 lakes by public transport, a jeep leaves around lunch time, but you won't be able to get back the same day. Why would you? It's a long way there (slooow car) and a beautiful place once you get there. Take an extra day.
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Re: Arranging travel in Penjikent

Post by thl989 »

Lonely planet has this one correct, penjikent-6th lake: walk down the street that goes downhill alongside the bazaar and there is a gravel yard about 200m down. From there find the 4x4 (when I went one was on the right side). 40 somoni. When it's full it goes, we didn't leave until 2:30pm. The driver let me stay at his place at the lakes for free (beige Soviet Jeep), though I slipped a donation on my way out. He left at or before 6am before I had woken up, so I imagine that's your return trip.

I saw signs for homestays so if you told the driver you need a place to stay I'd imagine they could drop you somewhere suitable at least.

I found this by paying for a full taxi from the border before noon (40 somoni) and telling the driver to find me the car to Haft Kul or the sixth lake.

The road is easy passable to the seventh lake, there was a Hyundai sedan up there. My driver offered to take me there.

If you need a days rest in penjikent I can recommend the Umariyon hotel, $35 for a double and a legit good restaurant nearby that gets crowded (i.e. fresh cooking!) It's off one alley nearer to the market than the hotel, the hotel can tell you where.

As an aside, the Archmaiden Valley is passable by car up to the confluence of the Sarymat and Archmaiden Rivers.
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