Hiking, home stays and general adventuring

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Hiking, home stays and general adventuring

Post by Will1981 »

I'm planning on travelling solo through Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in July/August 2019. I only have vague plans at this stage, but I love to hike and would like to experience a few home stays out of the cities. Would be great to hear any hiking suggestions - especially ones accessible by public transport (I will look into ride sharing options when I'm on the ground - and it would be great to join forces with any travellers who are keen on doing something similar. Thanks!
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Re: Hiking, home stays and general adventuring

Post by steven »

I recommend the hiking in Tajikistan book and website as a start:

https://caravanistan.com/review/trekkin ... guidebook/

Also see this recent post on the Varzob trek: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=7524

Otherwise, there is no centralised online resource yet so it's about trawling blogs mostly if you don't want to get the book. The book is also just a starting point, there are sooo many options in Tajikistan not written down yet.
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Re: Hiking, home stays and general adventuring

Post by Julia »

Search for hiking in Fann mountains. The most beautiful (in my opinion) and not too hard to access part of Tajikistan.
Public transport to hiking routes is not developed in Tajikistan. But can find shared taxis or hitchhike for affordable cost.
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Re: Hiking, home stays and general adventuring

Post by yaqinisme22 »

hi, I'll do hiking in Fann mountains this August probably around 23 August.
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