Dushanbe Airport Taxis

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Dushanbe Airport Taxis

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After ten years of travelling to Tajikistan I have finally seen the death of the Dushanbe airport taxi driver mob. You know the guys: "40 Somoni? NO! I said 40 dollars! Gimme!", plus numerous other delights such as having them grab your bag and lock it in the boot/trunk without a fare having been agreed to first, or leaning over you with the general demeanor of a street robber.

There is now a taxi counter next to the baggage carousel. The company is Somon Taxi (AKA the 888 taxis). They have a clearly written (Tajik, English and Russian) list of metre fares and fare rules. This fixes everything, except for if you are staying at an obscure guesthouse or hostel that they don't know about. Street addresses are useless. Orientation in Dushanbe is by well-known landmarks and neighbourhood/district names. I suggest having your hostel or guesthouse phone number handy so the driver can call them and ask for directions.

Those who have think that waving a smartphone map with a marker on their hotel will work may be in for a surprise. It's not always that simple. Some drivers cannot navigate with a map.
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