Prices for train, buses and shared taxis

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Prices for train, buses and shared taxis

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Trains in Turkmenistan are good, have AC, provide clean linens. There is hot water provided for your own tea/coffee. Bring your own cup. Tickets are easy to buy in person despite the crowds. A few words of Russian or Turkish helps a lot and the agents aren't as rude as in other ex-soviet countries. Prices as of Aug 2019 for Plaskart berths:

Turkmenabat to Mary: 20 TMT for 6.5 hour ride
Mary to Ashgabat: 23 TMT for 8 hour ride (overnight)
Ashgabat to Turkmenbashi: 28 TMT for 14 hour ride (overnight)

Bus rides in Turkmenabat cost 1 TMT each ride. In Ashgabat they cost 0.5 TMT each ride. Typical shared taxi rides are 3-5 TMT.
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