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Local Turkmen for your tasks

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I am a local Turkmen translator and a small business owner. I love working with foreigners and I have lived abroad for a quite some time. If you have any tasks related to Turkmenistan, such as shipping, exchanging, money transfer (very huge isue), private internet connection (to access facebook and others), researching, transportation, historical sites, finding a local agency etc. feel free to reach me. Locals intentionally quote 2-4 times higher the amount for foreigners than they would do to locals. Therefore, I will do my best to provide a best value for your money.
If you have a business idea or thinking about expanding to Turkmenistan, I am open for discussion. I have connections and expertise in some fields and would be glad to oversee your projects in Turkmenistan. If you have an unfinished task in Turkmenistan due to border being closed, I can help with solving that or at least suggest some options. Feel free to PM (Private Message) me here.

Thanks and stay safe!
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