Bajgiran/Ashgabat border updates

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Re: Bajgiran/Ashgabat border updates

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the Gaudan – Bajgiran border crossing between Turkmenistan and Iran below.

We summarize all info on the Turkmenistan border crossings and Iran border crossings pages.
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Bajgiran/Ashgabat border updates

Post by Ecovelo »

Hello everyone,

One week ago, on the 6th of August, I tried to cross the border from Iran to Turkmenistan in Bajgiran (like my visa told me to). Apparently the Turkmen government closed the border on that day, so I put my bicycle on top of one of the cars from the Mongol-Ralley and we drove to the Loftabad/Artyk border crossing. This one got also closed but just for one day. They told us that the border in Bajgiran will be closed for a longer period.

This is the first time I have Internet since then, so maybe my info is already old stuff and they opened the border again. But I thought maybe it helps someone who is going to cross that border during the next days. Maybe you should try to get some more information on that matter. Crossing the border in Loftabad was no problem for me. Except that I had to camp there for the night and since it is normally just for trucks they didn't really know what to do with foreigners. But everyone was friendly.

Anyway, good travel!

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Re: TURKMENISTAN border crossings

Post by olig »

The Iranian-Turkmen border crossing Gaudan – Bajgiran (the closest to Achgabat) seems to be closed for foreigners (at least for transit visas). That's what the guy from the Turkmen Embassy in Tehran told me as I applied for the visa (August 11th).
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Re: Bajgiran/Ashgabat border updates

Post by adventurism »

I can confirm, I tried to cross from the Turkmeni side but was also diverted to Artyk.
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Re: Bajgiran/Ashgabat border updates

Post by Aleco »

Wow, I've crossed from there at the beginning of July 2016 and was ok. Lucky me! :-)
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Re: Bajgiran/Ashgabat border updates

Post by gaz457 »

Travel agency told us it should be reopening this week... We are due to cross Sept 20th.
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Re: Bajgiran/Ashgabat border updates

Post by hitchhaning »

Hi everyone,

We applied for this crossing a month ago and successfully entered Turkmenistan on the 11th of December. The guards were cool (just took their time with everything, we had to wait around 3h). Just outside the border there was a bus to the suburbs of Ashgabat (5 manats) and from there we had to take a taxi.

Also, apparently the best gift you can bring anyone in Turkmenistan right now are cigarettes - since a few months ago government made their smoking policy even stricter and they cost 25$ a packet there. You're only allowed to bring in 2 packets (not cartons, packets!).
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Re: Bajgiran/Ashgabat border updates

Post by roro »

Thanks for this info :)
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Re: Bajgiran/Ashgabat border updates

Post by Cat »

Hi everyone,

i want to cross at Bajgiran next week. Does anyone have recent info if the border is open or not?
Thanks and save travels,
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Re: Bajgiran/Ashgabat border updates

Post by ellenenerik »

The boarder is open. We crossed on the 17th of may.
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