Turkmenistan transit visa poll

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Did you get the Turkmen transit visa?

Yes, I got it!
No, got rejected :-(
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa poll

Post by seysearles »

Hi guys, my girlfriend and I just received our Turkmenistan transit visas today. Woohoo! I feel like I just won something.

Our situation is somewhat unique as far as I can tell as we applied by email for them through the Turkmen embassy in Abu Dhabi.

I searched long and hard to get info about anyone else doing it this way online and couldn't find anything so to those of you in a similar position as me where there is no Turkmen embassy in your country of residence, rest assured, it is possible. We got our Uzbek visas approved in absentia also (but that belongs in a different thread).

It took 20 days which really is cutting it kind of fine (10 days before our departure) but it was eventually approved. I had to chase them up a few times also and from the "Ohh yeah" tone of voice of the guy at the embassy I wonder how long would it have taken had I not called them repeatedly to get feedback.

I have yet to receive the documentation however the embassy has advised that they are going to send me a copy of the approval shortly by email and we will pay for the visas upon entry into Turkmenistan.

Best of luck to the rest of you applying.
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa poll

Post by RobinV »

I am hoping to travel from Nukus to Ashgabat to Iran, past the gates of hell of course.

I've heard very conflicting stories as to whether or not I will be able to enter Iran overland. Some places seem to mention you can get the VOA at the border, other sources state the opposite. I have a Dutch passport. Of course my worst fear is exiting Turkmenistan, only to be rejected into Iran. Or, more of an annoyance: needing the Iranian visa to be eligible for the Transit visa.

Does anyone have any experience? Should I play safe and apply for the Iranian visa anyway? What would be the best way to proceed? I plan to be in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in september. Afterwards I will head to Uzbekistan for two more weeks.

Also, I am quite confused about the possibility of applying at a different place than you pick up the visa. Will I be able to apply in Bishkek, and pick up elsewhere for example?
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa poll

Post by bwv812 »

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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa poll

Post by ppikelis »

Wegot transit visas in Geneva embassy.
Officials suggeted that transit visas get approved unless some documents are missing. They have a clear list of documents on their website and we experienced no issued. It took around 3 weeks to get transit visa.
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa poll

Post by Jaysun »

I received a 5 day transit letter from the embassy in London. I'm about to see (tomorrow) if the scanned letter works at the boarder. The embassy in London were very friendly (I did it over the phone and by post). They said it would take 10 days, it was about 15 in the end and they just emailed the document and ensure me it would be successful on the boarder where I need to pay £30.
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa poll

Post by michael_moto »

Let us know how you get on! are you going from Uzbekistan or Iran?
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa poll

Post by Oner »

My application in Istanbul Consulate was rejected. there is no explanation. I will change my route to uzbekistan.
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa poll

Post by zamou »

Apply for visa in Bishkek (color copy in a photo salon 'konica' on baytik avenue) get it 12 days later in Tashkent where we ask him to change the dates. We are a French and English couple, my boyfriend have a ginger beard.
From dasoguz to Turkmenbashi, 5days.
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa poll

Post by Ozkat61 »

Married Australian couple travelling on own motor cycle (two up). Applied in Bishkek, followed the pro for a instructions. Did not put URGENT as we figured we would either get it or not. Asked "can we pick up in Dushanbe" advised yes. Embassy offical advised would take 2 weeks. Invitation letter/email arrived day after we picked up from Dushanbe Embassy.
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa poll

Post by elmayablanco »

I (solo American male) applied at the embassy in Bishkek. The consular officer was super nice... he seemed happy just to have something to do. I asked if they could email my visa code to me, he said that it was no problem and that I'd have a response within two weeks.

I received an email 12 days later saying that I'd been granted a visa... which could be picked up in Bishkek (problematic because I was in Khorog and planned to enter Uzbekistan within 4 days. I called the embassy, but they never answered the phone.

I arrived in Dushanbe two days later and went to the Turkmen embassy there to see if I could somehow get my visa there instead of Bishkek. Again, the consular officer was very friendly and said that I could pick it up the next day.

I returned the next day, dropped off my passport, went to the bank to pay the $55 visa fee, and had my passport with the Turkmen visa (all within about 2.5 hours). My experience with the Turkmen embassies has been fantastic. I wonder if they're granting visas liberally right now because of the number of Mongol Rally teams going through Turkmenistan? Either way, it was a smooth and (relative to Uzbekistan) inexpensive process for me.
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