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Did you get the Turkmen transit visa?

Yes, I got it!
No, got rejected :-(
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa poll

Postby Roobens » Sat Aug 26, 2017 3:11 pm

Hi! I'm from France, male, 31. Applied in Tehran, picked up my visa two weeks later, they granted me a 5 day transit visa! I had to get in from Bagjyran and to leave at Konye Urgench.

When I applied, one of the questions on the form was like "Locations of planned visit". I wrote "Ashgabat and Darvaza". The guy at the embassy read the paper and said "Not Darvaza." "Huh?". Then he said "You can go, don't write it. I will erase it for you". I almost told him "That's the main reason I'm going to your country!" Anyway, hope it helps someone in the future here.

Also, I was very lucky, a lot of applications are rejected lately. Moreover they don't take any applications now for transit visas and during the whole month of September 2017. Because the "5th Asian indoor and martial art games" will take place in the country. I saw some really pissed guys at the embassy because of that, they wanted to apply on August 20th but the guys at the embassy said "It's too late, your visas would theorically be ready around September 1st and we don't accept any transit visa during this month."
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa poll

Postby Marilena13 » Sun Aug 27, 2017 5:58 am

22-year-old girl, greek citizen got the transit visa in August.

I applied for a transit visa in Ankara and received it in Tehran. In the letter of purpose I presented all the documents needed and simply wrote "I am requesting the transit visa because it is almost impossible to reach my next destination, Buchara without passing through Turkmenistan; most flights to central Asia land in either Almaty or Bishkek which are far away from the destination I would like to reach".
People at both embassies were really friendly and helpful but the entire procedure took time; in fact I waited for that email for 3 weeks!!!
My co-travel mate who is a female from Iran also got accepted.
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