Best way to get an LOI for Turkmenistan

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Best way to get an LOI for Turkmenistan

Postby VTrembleySF » Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:41 pm

I'm planning a trip to Turkmenistan for two in December and very concerned about what I've read about the difficulty in obtaining a tourist visa (US and Swiss passport holders). I've read that there's only 50% success rate which is worrisome since I don't want to spend a lot of purchasing flights, tours, etc, only to be denied a visa. I also heard that your employer can impact whether you are approved - for example it will hurt your chances if you work for a social media company like Facebook, Twitter, etc and i was told it's better to list that you're a housewife.
Also does it matter which local tour company you use? It seems like some might have better "connections" with the Ministry to facilitate the LOI and have a better success rate.
Would greatly appreciate any advice on the best way to secure a visa and improve our chances.

Another question I had is whether anyone has gone to Kashgar and if travel is possible there in Dec/Jan?
Thank you!
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Re: Best way to get an LOI for Turkmenistan

Postby steven » Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:18 am


there is no difference in terms of company. We work with companies very close to the state, (in any case, it's all really meshed in) and even for them it's always a gamble.

Why would you want to buy a flight before you get a visa? Do not do that. First get the visa, then book a flight.

I have never heard working for a social media company could be an issue. Just write engineer, sales, ... Journalist, military or NGO work are the main problems.

You can go to Kashgar any time of the year. Just bring a hat, it's not California.
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Re: Best way to get an LOI for Turkmenistan

Postby A625412 » Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:51 pm


I was in a similar situation to yours.

The local companies that I was in touch with agreed that at first, we will pay only for the LOI, and only if the LOI is approved we will pay the rest of the deposite.
One company was so sure that we would get our LOI approved that they even agreed to submit our LOI to the ministry before we pay, and only when we get to Turkmenistan we would pay for the LOI and for the tour, so I think the success rate for tourist visa is more than 50%... (or maybe it''s the case for people from certain countries).
we just got our approved LOI a week ago. It took about 3 weeks (Israeli passports).
In any case just ask the company to pay at first only for the LOI, and the rest after you get the LOI approved, and of course don't book a flight before your LOI is approved.

hope that helped.
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