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Re: Current situation Iran

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i crossed in october from TUR to PAK when the scarf-protests were going on, and also some shootings in Zahedan about the Balouch-problem: I had neverever any problems, as long as you keep a bit low profile, dont believe what you see in western media, i asked several times people in Iran, and they all said the same: of course there are protests, but its blown up by western media. You can easy make a video from 50 protesting people and make it that way it looks like there are 5000 . . . Oooh, yes, i travelled by own car . . . 10 EUROcent a liter of petrol makes it funny to drive and drive . . .
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Re: Current situation Iran

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I entered Iran through Turkey in the fall of 2022 just when the problems started but despite the very bad situation for women (and men, of course) and that in the big cities from mid-afternoon you could see a lot of movement and a lot of police (and the internet was down) if you didn't go near the demonstrations there were no problems.
Due to an accident I had to leave the motorcycle in Isfahan and return by plane and in two weeks I am going back there to collect the motorcycle and continue the journey.

My contacts in Isfahan tell me that the situation is calmer abroad and that there are no problems, surely it must be more or less similar in the rest of the country.

I advise everyone to travel to Iran, a magnificent country with very nice and welcoming people.
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