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Re: Current situation Iran

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merodrem wrote:
Thu Oct 19, 2023 1:41 pm
bwv812 wrote:
Thu Sep 21, 2023 8:24 pm
This risk is real, but probably still lower than the risk of being killed in a car crash anywhere in the region.
So, this means that each year more westerners are killed in a car crash then arrested/kidnapped in Iran? Is it true? Do we really have records of the number of western tourists killed on the road in Iran? :o
When I was at the hostel in Tabriz the hosts sadly told us the story of an old french motorbike-tourist who stayed there and then died later in a car accident in the vicinity of Kerman (road towards Pakistan). It's the only accident involving a tourist in Iran I ever heard. I don't know how it happened but I think statistically it is the biggest risk. Then I know plenty motorbikers/cyclists who crossed the whole Iran and went forth to Pakistan coming out alive :D .

But yes, I would rate an accident as a much bigger risk than being kidnapped by the government.
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Re: Current situation Iran

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I would rate an accident much more favourable then being locked up and tortured for a long time in Iran. Just saying it is not just a case of comparing risks...

I would also say that the likelyhood of getting locked up goes up dramatically if your specific government has (interesting) Iranian people in jail. There is no real point otherwise.

Let's just hope the situation gets better, I don't think I really enjoy a visit with the fear of being kidnapped at random, or for example when leaving the country. Normally you can try to avoid dangerous situations, but leaving the country is not optional ;)
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Re: Current situation Iran

Post by TheNonFlyingDutchman »

Would anyone be able to get me into whatsapp groups for Iran? I heard they’re there but haven’t found a way in yet. Also, I’m looking for trip reports from Dutch nationals from the last months, since nationality seems to play a big part in travel safety here.
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