Items stolen around Qazvin

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Items stolen around Qazvin

Postby BartIna » Tue Nov 05, 2019 7:21 am


We are not posting this to scare anyone, just to make people aware. We are two cyclists, traveling through Iran from Astara to Tehran. Last week some of our things got stolen, in two separate and consecutive nights.

The first night, we were camping at the Sefidroud ( سفیدرود) dam lake. Our multi-fuel burner was laying inside, but at the edge of the tent, and was taken out in the night.
One night later, things were literally pulled off our bikes in the entrance of an apartment building east of Qazvin. Most things were taken off so recklessly that they have no practical value anymore.

The thieves were not professionals, carrying only a knife and a Philipps screwdriver. They couldn't open tork or allen bolts. We think the recent drastic inflation and increased cost of living might lead some people to desperate acts, but it is of course hard to be sure.

Our best advice is to camp in places where other (Iranian) tourists camp, and to be careful about where you park your bike overnight. Make sure your bike is locked to something and not visible from the street.

Nevertheless, Iran is generally a very hospitable and friendly place to travel, and we recommend anyone who was planning to go there to do so.
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