4 days of ultrarunning in Iran

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4 days of ultrarunning in Iran

Post by Greentravelbug »

Hi everyone! Soon I arrive in Iran and I plan on running to move from place to place. I am trying to figure out where would be the best place to run. I am planning to run 40-60k per day for 4 days. I am getting rid of my stuff to travel lightweight with a small running backpack and then I would probably couch surf each night. Does anyone have recommendations?


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Re: 4 days of ultrarunning in Iran

Post by Lovetheworld »

Well, what are you looking for? If you arrive in Tehran area, you can go North for nice green mountains. We really noticed seeing the green turn into desert (from North to South) when going over the highest point (which was not that high)
However, the Caspian sea coast is not that interesting, so don't get your hopes up for a nice beach.

South of Tehran, it is pretty flat uninteresting desert area. The distances you are talking about are very high for a runner, but in the central desert area, it is very small, and so it would seem boring to me.

I don't know what you have already seen of Iran? If you have seen nothing yet, I would go to Esfahan with public transportation, and then run to Kashan, and then run to the Namak Lake (salt lake) where there is a caravansarei where you can sleep. Then back to the main road, and probably use public transportation to get to the airport again.
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