Iran coronavirus travel restrictions Q&A

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Re: Iran coronavirus travel restrictions Q&A

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njorka wrote:
Tue Nov 23, 2021 9:18 am
Is it possible to get visa without vaccination?
Yes you can get a visa but at the border you must show a valid and negative PCRtest and a proof of your vacination in combination with your visa.
But then: who want to travel without a vacination.

There are some rumours that a planned and booked itenarery is necessary again sinds last monday when trying to apply for a GN.
Some allready aproved GN's got invalid.
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Re: Iran coronavirus travel restrictions Q&A

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Hey all!

My wife and I are travelling East from the UK via land and sea, currently in Turkey, and thinking about going to Iran > Pakistan > India.

Having read some info it looks like the Turkey/Iran border is open, all you need is vaccine and a tour guide to help with the visa.

Can somebody please confirm if this is the case?

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