Euro 6 diesel BMW

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Euro 6 diesel BMW

Post by khu8rt »

This is my first post here :)
I am planning a trip to some asian countries and will cross Iran on my way (entry from Turkey and exiting to Pakistan), I saw that some people took euro 5 cars and had no issues, I want to know if my euro 6 bmw will be an issue or not?
It has a diesel particle filter too.
I can also carry diesel with me in jerry cans but not sure if they will allow it at the border or not?
I read some posts that Iran is now producing Euro 5 quality diesel, need suggestions.
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Re: Euro 6 diesel BMW

Post by AreWeThereYet? »

A foreign-plated, Euro6 Beemer sounds expensive. Beside the obvious issues of spare parts and skilled mechanics (or, rather software engineers these days) you'll smell like money from afar. Prepare to be asked for a lot of baksheesh, if not in Iran most definitely in Pakistan.
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Re: Euro 6 diesel BMW

Post by Lovetheworld »

Well, I don't know how it is now, but in 2012: All the big luxury cars/SUVs were petrol, because the diesel would be too bad for the modern engines. Only big (old) trucks and busses drove on diesel. Even so much so, that they try to send you away when you want to fill up diesel with your Landcruiser, because they think you need petrol.
I think bringing a Euro 6 car will be a disaster, and I am already surprised somebody would have made it in a Euro 5 diesel. Bringing a new petrol BMW would be fine.

And jerry cans may work into Iran, but typically, they don't like full jerry cans at these border crossings. Although that is mostly because of exporting the cheap Iranian fuel, and they want you to pay or to empty them.
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