Crossing Iran - Pakistan border at Gabd-Reemdan

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Re: Crossing Iran - Pakistan border at Gabd-Reemdan

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Hi Steven maybe this could be an different thread (gij snapt da wel denkik).
I just crossed the Wagah-border into India, everything very nice and straight-forward.Nice people, everybody speaks at least reasonable english. It took me from my Lahore-centre hotel, to my Amritsar-center hotel, which is 70 km about 3.30h (by car).
Friendly people, all very intersted in you (belgian chocolat and beer).
If crossing, the guy who stamps your carnet at the PAK-side did offer me a more then suspicious offer to change euros to IND-rupee. He was not in uniform, but older and told me he was the retired officer to stamp carnets, and i believe him. Changed 300 euros to 25000 INR, whats really good. Useally i try to change before the border, as most people think only after it, you get good rate, but in Lahore its almost impossible to find INR, i tried, didnt find. If a excange-rate is to good to be through, usally, it isnt.But i think i didnt get scammed, the amount is right, and i payed the first toll-gate allready for 100 INR, which is useally problematic if you come from the border without 1 INR.
IF i was tricked, i will let you know !!
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Re: Crossing Iran - Pakistan border at Gabd-Reemdan

Post by monkeybehindbars »

I want to cross the border from Rimdan to Gabd. But when applying for a pakistanian visa, I cannot choose this border as my entry point on the form.
How did you apply for the Visa?
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Re: Crossing Iran - Pakistan border at Gabd-Reemdan

Post by Tepezcu »

I cross the Rimdan/Gabd border, but in the online visa application I selected Taftan border. The e-visa that I received per e-mail afterwards said nothing about the border I selected for crossing, so nobody in the border could now about that. They just checked that the visa was valid and that I had an hotel reservation.
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