Tehran direct to Shiraz: plane or bus?

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Tehran direct to Shiraz: plane or bus?

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We are planing to visit some of Iran in 2 weeks, at the end of november. The main trip will be all around Tehran-Shiraz, and that we will done in bus by our own. But after the trip (or when starting) we will do Shiraz-Tehran (or viceversa) directly. For that journey we are not sure if to take a plane or if we take a night bus. The plane cost around € 60, and we would like to know how much does cost a night and direct bus from one city to the other?. How many hours are? It is comfortable to sleep in (you can stretch on the seat?)?. Would you recomend?

Thank you very much.

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Re: Tehran direct to Shiraz: plane or bus?

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In Iran it is possible get "VIP" buses that are very comfortable and have only three seats per row with the more leg room than anyone under seven feet should need to be comfortable.

You should be able to find travel times and approximate or relative prices with a bit of quick googling of in the LP or whatever guidebook you're using.
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Re: Tehran direct to Shiraz: plane or bus?

Post by steven »

I think a VIP bus would come down to around 20$, around 13h I think. LP is from 2011 so prices are wildly inaccurate but travel time is the same as it says there. It is comfortable. They usually play 1 horrible Iranian movie but then it's quiet.

I haven't taken a train myself in Iran yet but I only heard good things about it, quiet and comfortable it seems, slower than the bus though.
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Re: Tehran direct to Shiraz: plane or bus?

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We just came back from Iran last Friday, 6th of november 2015. Prices were as follow:
By plane from Shiraz to Tehran: rial 1'100'000 or 110'000 tuman, about 35 U$, zagros airlines (online booking only for iranian possible. It is not hard to find a person who can do that for you, as long as he gets the money after you get the voucher)
By bus from Shiraz to Tehran: rial 600'000 or 60'000 tuman, about 19 U$, Hamsafar VIP Bus
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Re: Tehran direct to Shiraz: plane or bus?

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We did took the VIP night bus from Tehran (Southern Bus Terminal, Terminal-e Jonub Metro Station) to Shiraz. Departure at 7:00pm arriving at 08:00am the next day in Shiraz. We used Iran Peyman bus company and paid 57'000 tumans (18 USD). Bus was new and very comfortable, hot dinner is included. Seats lay down at 45°. Choose seats from 3rd row as drivers tend to listen to very loud music while driving and if you're a light sleeper that could be annoying. Would totally do it again. It also spares you one hotel night!
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