Questions in connection with VISA application

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Questions in connection with VISA application

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Dear Sirs.

A friend and I are planning a 20 day trip to Iran starting mid september. We are going to apply through the Iranian Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am of Danish nationality and my friend is Afghan. I have a Danish Passport and he has an Allien passport because he is a former refugee, however, he has a residence permit and he visited Iran 3 years ago, however, the VISA application system has changes since. If i have understood things proberly, we have 2 ways to obtain the VISA's.

1. We can get an invitation from a person in Iran.
2. We can apply for a visa through a travel agency.
3. We can get a visa on entry.
4. We can get a Visa through the E-visa system (however, this does not seem to work in Denmark yet)

However. As I am informed, it is not possible for persons of Afghan nationality to use the 3. option. I think that i also read some-where that travel agencies cannot get VISA's for people of Afghan nationality, but i currently cannot confirm this.

We are traveling to Iran to visit his family, who is of Afghan nationality. It seems like his family cannot get an invitation for us because they are not Iranian citizens.

We could really use some help finding out what to do because we have completely lost the overview.

We would also like to no whether it is possible to get a visa through paid Visa services or Caravanistan.

Thanks for your time!
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Re: Questions in connection with VISA application

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Afghans are difficult customers in every country in the world. Not sure what Iran does with visas for Afghans, I am sure they have some special arrangement for them since they have so many refugees.

Did you find out?
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