Iran Visa In Pakistan - Online Application

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Iran Visa In Pakistan - Online Application

Post by sasa »

I am thinking about travelling in early 2018. I plan to take a road trip in Iran via bus or a train across the country. I am confused about the new visa process. The Iranian Embassy's website states that all applications will be processed online but I know that Pakistanis are not eligible for eVisas or visa on arrival, are they? So, what am I supposed to do after applying online? Do I have to take the confirmation page to the embassy or consulate to get a visa? If so, then do I have to book an appointment first or not? Do I need to use any tour operators; I'll be travelling as solo tourist.

On a side note, what do you guys think about my itinerary: Iran > Azerbaijan > Georgia and then back. Any suggestions or advice?
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Re: Iran Visa In Pakistan - Online Application

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Hi sasa,

here are the embassy reports for Islamabad viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2949

Not sure where you read that Pakistanis are not available for e-visa. E-visa is valid for all countries. Please note it is not a real e-visa, just an electronic application for the LOI.

Itinerary looks fine.
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