Leaving vehicle in Iran on border carnet

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Leaving vehicle in Iran on border carnet

Post by steven »

This thread gathers all questions and answers regarding leaving your vehicle in Iran with a temporary border carnet. If you are using a temporary border carnet, use this forum thread instead.

We sum up all tips and rules surrounding long-term parking across Eurasia in our article on Long-term vehicle storage on a Silk Road trip.
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Leaving vehicle in Iran on border carnet

Post by slickpigs »

Hi All,

We have driven to Iran from Turkey at the Bazargan border- we got a ‘border carnet’ from a man at the border and we got all the way to Tehran and our clutch burned out completely. We could not have it repaired and also could not afford to wait in Tehran to have the part shipped and repaired. Our onward journey was to Turkmenistan (Ashgabat) but with only a 5 day visa there entering with a broken car is not an option lest we tow the car all the way through to Uzbekistan!

We hired a tow truck to the Nordooz border to try and get out but because our carnet document stated Bajgiran (Turkmenistan border) as the exit point - they wouldn’t let us out.

A great new friend of ours was in discussions with Nordooz customs management who was in contact with Bazargan customs and they have given us a letter which hopefully explains the situation.

We have been towed to the Bazargan border and they will hopefully let us out tomorrow however we have become accustomed to Iranian beaurocracy and are not 100% confident we will be able to leave here either.

Has anyone else ever had anything like this happen before? I understand that systems are systems but we are really trying to get out of the country!!! Once we are over the line surely the carnet doesn’t matter anymore right??

We have been camping by our car for now our 5th night and we’re beginning to lose hope!!
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Re: Exiting Iran from different exit point on carnet.

Post by Christopher »

Hello, we also had car problems and had tonput a vehicle on a flat bed truck to Mashhad and leave the car there for 6 months. However we had no problem exiting (after the car had been in Iran 11 months!!) but we were on a true CPD with a hefty guarantee lodged with the Swiss touring Club and I think we struck it lucky when entering from Armenia (the customs just copied the expiry date of the carnet as latest departure date from iran). A real CPD does not specify an exit point. You seem to have an Iranian “carnet” which sounds like a local customs document which has nothing to do with a real Carnet se Passage en Douane, and it seems to be restricting your movements. I doubt many people will have tips to give as we don’t have a comparable document.havibg said that unless you need to recover any money you should exit wherever you like. But if you need to recover money at an exit point that may be causing your issues. Not sure how helpful this is!
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Journeyto iran
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Re: Exiting Iran from different exit point on carnet.

Post by Journeyto iran »

Thanks for posting about both your experience. This is very helpful.
Some additional information would be really helpful.
How did you organise a border carnet, was this through the famous Hosseins, at the border or other?
How long was the visa for?
How much did it cost?
Was it an option for you to leave the car behind and leave?
From passports stamps that i have seen they just say the border you entered and date nothing about the vehicle.
Was it stamped on your passport/linked electronically to your arrival?
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