Iran visit + USA visa waiver program (VWP)

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Visiting the USA after Iran (Visa Waiver Program)

Post by IanMck »

Hello all,
A couple questions regarding the USA and the fact they are no longer offering the visa waiver and require you to get a visa if you have visited Iran...
First as a Canadian I don't require a visa to visit the USA is this what is meant by visa waiver?
Secondly, I have dual citizenship and am planning to visit Iran on my other passport (New Zealand), I plan to travel overland, but if Turkmenistan doesn't cooperate I may need to fly in, but on my NZ passport. So the question is if I travel on the NZ passport could I still enter he USA as a Canadian without a visa??
I feel it shouldn't be a problem hypothetically but was wondering if anyone has done it.
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Re: Visiting the USA after Iran

Post by Milad »

Canadians don't use the Visa Waiver Program (which is for EU/AU/JP/NZ and a few others), which excludes people who have been to Iran, but can enter the USA without a visa or any special program, so you'll be fine. Legally, it makes no difference for the Americans if you go to Iran with your Canadian or NZ passport, but not having evidence of having been to Iran in your passport might save you from some questions from unfriendly CBP officers.
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Re: Iran visit + USA visa waiver program (VWP)

Post by grinsefisch »

Hi there, after visiting Iran last year I got the US visa surprisingly easy (B1/B2 for 10 years and 180 days maximum stay per visit, 150€). The interview in Berlin was short and very relaxed - no tough questions at all and no more than 5 minutes. They just want to check your intentions for traveling to Iran. If your answer is 'sightseeing' they will be happy. Nothing to worry about. Btw I have German citizenship.

Update: Everything went smooth at entering the US at JFK (despite a big Iran visa sticker in my passport). You are even eligible to use the automated passport control. The automated kiosk checks your identity by face and fingerprints (recorded during interview for visa application) and prints a confirmation slip that is checked by a CBP officer afterwards. No need to line up at the long queues for VWP/ESTA travellers! Very convenient. And the CBP officers were even friendly.
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