Hairatan border crossing report

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Re: Hairatan border crossing report

Postby steven » Wed Dec 05, 2012 7:38 am

Please read and post reports on the Hairatan border crossing between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan below.

We summarize all info on the Afghanistan border crossings and Uzbekistan border crossings pages.
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Hairatan border crossing report

Postby Harrisgf » Thu Aug 10, 2017 1:11 pm

USA passports, male and female

Termez to Hairatan
We got in a taxi in Termez at 7am. It cost us 40,000 som to get from our hotel to the border. We arrived at the border around 7:15am and were shown to a shuttle bus. They put us on the shuttle bus but took our passports. We waited on the bus for a bit until our passports came back and we were off to the border. The driver expected 5,000 som per person and wouldn't let us off until we paid. We'd heard reports that this bus was free but didn't seem to be the case for us. We went through extensive bag checks where they searched every pocket and went through pictures in our phones. My friend's phone had tons of pics and the officer got bored after a while and stopped searching. There was also a quite invasive body pat down. Finally we were sent to a man to get our passport stamps and we began the long walk across the bridge. On the Hairatan side, we were shown into a building were some officers were very excited to process us. We had a lengthy documenting, fingerprinting, and pictures but the bag search wasn't as thorough. The process was slightly different for me (female) and my friend (male). I got the impression that the female officer didn't get to do this too often so she was a bit more eager. We made it through both sides and out to the taxi stand by 9am Uzbek time. Although the process was lengthy, everyone was extremely friendly and there weren't many other people there so at least we weren't queuing much.

Hairatan to Termez
We arrived at the border at 2:15pm. We were shown back into the same building we went through on the way into Afghanistan. The guards remembered us and were just as friendly on our way out. We did the fingerprinting and pictures again but it was a bit quicker since this time we weren't the first ones being processed that day and they already had their computer turned on. They did another half hearted bag search and then we began the walk across. On the Uzbek side, we were stopped by a lady for some paperwork right after the bridge. Then stopped again for a lengthy chat with the guards about our travels (I think they just wanted to practice English) while another guard went into a room and did something with our passports. Finally they let us go and we walked to the next building where we went through immigration and customs. They checked our customs forms thoroughly and then did yet another bag check. They also went through the pictures in our phones and cameras again and would ask for explanations on what the pictures were. Finally, we were done and walked to the gate where the shuttle bus immediately came and gave us a lift back to the taxi stand (5,000 som each).

In bag searches, they were mostly looking for medications, pornography, etc. They asked about books we were carrying. In our phones, the Uzbek side seemed mostly interested in if we had photos of Uzbekistan. Pictures of guards, etc would probably get deleted.
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Re: Hairatan border crossing report

Postby joaoportland » Sat Aug 12, 2017 9:27 am

Hello and thank you for the information.
I really want to take a look on the Afghan side when visiting the region.Please, let me ask you a few questions.
How was the experience on the Afghan side? How long did you guys stayed (just for one day)? Just Hairatan? Was it worthy?
What about safety in general, still possible to spend a day or so?
Sorry for the several questions.
Thank you,
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Re: Hairatan border crossing report

Postby chax » Sat Oct 28, 2017 7:21 am

UK Passport, Oct / '17

Termiz to Hairatan
Termiz - Can't remember how much I paid but 40k som as stated is reasonable
Had to wait a bit before we were authorised to go to the shuttle bus
shuttle bus costs 5k som as stated
Luckily at the time that I crossed, there was nobody else crossing. Process was pretty quick compared to what I had previously read. Bag check was not very extensive, they looked through some stuff on my phone but also not extensive.

Hairatan - Like stated, Afghan officers and guards were very friendly and excited to meet travellers. Process was quite fast and they even got us a taxi into Mazar-I-Sharif
Total 1.5hr probably

Hairatan to Termiz

Hairatan - very fast again. Nobody waiting, process was even faster than the way in.

Termiz - unfortunately there were 2-3 families in waiting by the time i got there. You get directed to a different building on the opposite side lengthy wait of >1 hour to be seen. Bag search was very extensive, they opened pretty much every single thing and asked plenty of questions. A little rude this time, urging me to hurry up packing although they left all my stuff in an absolute mess. They asked me about most of the items in my bag (and every single medication i had) and fairly extensively about my time in Afghanistan. Then i was directed to the room for looking through my phone. Very extensive this time and definitely a large invasion of privacy. He looked through a lot of my different conversations in different apps, then looked through the photos, in my view often deliberately opening photos/group photos that included females. Scrolled through heaps of my old conversations and then fairly extensively through my photos and videos. Not very tech savvy otherwise. Ended up straight up asking if i had porno, drugs, or terrorist books/friends? Total >3 hours.
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