Chinese Road Through the Wakhan Corridor?

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Chinese Road Through the Wakhan Corridor?

Post by ventureforthphoto »

Just returned from a month in the Afghan Wakhan (great trip, report coming), and wanted to relay an interesting experience regarding the rumored Chinese Road.

I started my trip by walking from Qala-e-Panja to Sarhad, and that first day out of Qala I noticed this car coming up behind me but making very slow progress because every couple hundred feet it would stop and a man would get out to take pictures.

When they finally caught up with me, we had a chat, and he told me that he was an Afghan engineer, working for the Chinese, and that he was taking photos in preparation for the new road that was in the works.

I thought it was worth sharing here.
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Re: Chinese Road Through the Wakhan Corridor?

Post by jacoblab1 »

An update on this interesting topic - I was in the Little Pamir in early July and ran into some Afghan engineers working on a road there. They've already created a portion of it in the Little Pamir, and are now doing surveys on the area between Sarhad and Bozai Gumbaz.

Here are a few photos I took of the stuff that's going on.
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Re: Chinese Road Through the Wakhan Corridor?

Post by steven »

Here is another report with pictures by 2 anthropologists:
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