Trekking to Chaqmaqtin lake

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Trekking to Chaqmaqtin lake

Post by Jokearney »

I was wondering how tough this trek is? Is there a lot of climbing? Is the lower route easier?
I’m keen to do it but not sure if I could manage 22 km of steep climbing a day.
Is there any way to visit the decent Kyrgyz camps without going to Chaqmaqtin lake?
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Re: Trekking to Chaqmaqtin lake

Post by Pamirski »

What do you mean with climbing? There is no technical climbing required, just walking. We went in 2013 to the Little Pamir (Blog with pictures). But only to the Kyrgyz settlements (Kash Goz, Bozoi Gumbaz) and not to Chaqmaqtin, but from the Kyrgyz settlements it is just flat (a guide used to do Pakistan was not very impressed by Chaqmaqtin). When leaving Sarhad you have to go up a while for the first pass (1000 meters).
I would combine lower and upper route, the upper route is also very nice (e.g. when returning).
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Re: Trekking to Chaqmaqtin lake

Post by jomkearney »

Thanks for your reply and for posting your very interesting blog. So are there more Kyrgyz settlements at the lake or did you go to the main ones? I didn't mean technical climbing just a very steep climb on foot.
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