Which Afghan Borders open?

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Which Afghan Borders open?

Post by The_Horse »

I'm looking to enter Afghanistan (because I'm a selfish sociopath accordingto Stephen77 lol). The Pakistan border is open, so I'll be crossing from Peshawar. Are there any other international borders open? Ideally, I'd like to enter from Pakistan and leave through Uzbek or Tajik border. But there's a real dearth of information.

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Re: Which Afghan Borders open?

Post by jetdude »

A friend just used Torkham border to cross coming on a shared taxi from Peshawar
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Re: Which Afghan Borders open?

Post by cat_hag »

You cannot leave through Hairatan (Uzbekistan) or Sher Khan Bandar (Tajikistan). Both are closed for travellers, though open for some trade.
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