Visa situation

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Visa situation

Post by Lagerfeld »

Kiwibirdz wrote: He confirmed Khorog consulate can issue a visa too.
The Afghan consulate in Khorog is closed.
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Re: Visa situation

Post by Kiwibirdz »

Oh shit, big thank you for correcting me. Cheers
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Re: Visa situation

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Not first-hand report but might serve as a warning for other travellers: a Chinese girl I encountered in Dushanbe got turned around at the Afghan border 5 days ago as her Dushanbe issued visa was not recognised by the Taliban. Stuck in no man's land as her Tajik visa was single entry. She did however spent the night inside Afghanistan at a Taliban-organised accom, before her Tajik e-visa was urgently approved with some intervention of the Chinese embassy the next day.
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