25 days in Wakhan corridor/little Pamir, May-June 2019 (report/guide)

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25 days in Wakhan corridor/little Pamir, May-June 2019 (report/guide)

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Hey - we're two Kiwi/Aussie travellers (21 year old girl/23 year old guy) who just got back from 25 days in the Wakhan corridor in early June, and thought we should share a few things that we would have found useful when going in.

We decided to piece together a bit of a how-to-guide of the process, based on our experience and from other things we've heard/reports we've read online. It's pretty long, so we've put it up on our website here: https://dumbthings.co/content/2019/6/13 ... n-corridor.

Everything we thought might be useful is covered - visas, the border, permits, transport, accomodation, food, hiking, guides/animals, travelling as a female etc etc.

We were there for 25 days in total, from 16 May-10 June. We hitchhiked down the road to Sarhad and hiked up into the Little Pamir. We didn't take a donkey or a guide, and it was totally fine, but if you are looking to get a guide we can highly recommend Ibrahim Hamdard. He was super kind and went far out of his way to help us. We’ve also heard good things about him from other travellers. He runs the pharmacy in Khandood (on the main street, just over the bridge) and his number is +93 749229030.

All in all, an incredible experience and couldn't recommend it enough.

If you have any questions, feel free to flick us a message here or on instagram @_anaross / @lachiethomas.

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Re: 25 days in Wakhan corridor/little Pamir, May-June 2019 (report/guide)

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It says your website has expired...can you post the report here ?
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