How would you do a Afghanistan day-trip?

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How would you do a Afghanistan day-trip?

Post by togreiser »


I collect countries and would like to add Afghanistan to my list. I'm going to Pamir, so i'm looking into doing a small detour.

I would like any kind of advise to do this the easiest and safest way. I'm happy to pay the the tourist visa fee, and I just want to go over to have lunch. I do not want to stay the night.

(I know that it will be an expensive lunch :shock: )

How would you do it?
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Re: How would you do a Afghanistan day-trip?

Post by murg »

I'd go to the Afghan consulate in Khorog, get a Visa.
Travel to ishkashim, enter Afghanistan.
Leave the Same way.... Don't forget you need a new tajik visa for re- entering Tajikistan afaik.
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Re: How would you do a Afghanistan day-trip?

Post by deidren »

Still in the pre planning stages and wondering if it is even still possible to do a side trip to Afghanistan (if the Tajik land borders were to open). Im assuming I would still need a covid test to enter, and one to leave. Is it even possible to do a covid test in the Wakhan Valley, or would I essentially need to do one in Dushanbe or Khorog (if possible), hop over and then hop right back before its too long hour-wise for the test to be accepted for entry back into Tajikistan? Just thinking outloud, wondering if anyone has heard anything about covid testing in Khorog?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
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Re: How would you do a Afghanistan day-trip?

Post by steven »

At the moment, I don't see how that would work. As you say, the border is closed, and if it would open, where would you get tested?

I am personally not convinced the situation will improve soon either. Maybe more clarity in 2022 but I think this year we are looking mainly at closed borders in this area.
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Re: How would you do a Afghanistan day-trip?

Post by Nazrulo »

Visited the Afghan consulate in Khorog two days ago. So far, the visit to the Badakhshan of Afghanistan including the Vakhan corridor from the Tajikistan side is suspended with no clear dates of reopening. At the consulate, I was told that it is mostly due to the US army's withdrawal from Afghanistan. In addition, at the moment Tajikistan land borders remain closed too and travelling to Dushanbe international airport via Dubai or Istanbul is the only option to visit Tajikistan.

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