Crossing Broghil pass

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Re: borders during Mujahideen Victory Day.

Post by StephParis »

Christian77 wrote: I've been on the river many times on the Tajik and I'm surprised by how quickly the border guards appear out of nowhere in the middle of nowhere.
I confirm : you think you're alone and suddenly border guards show up. In this part of the world don't do such stupid things as crossing borders illegally.
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Re: Crossing Broghil pass

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I have crossed the Broghil in November last year. Well, I had no other option, I lied to the border rangers and they let me go. I travelled 1 entire month in Pakistan after that, without any problems (not mentionng the annoying police escort). Finally they arrested me when I wanted to exit to India. They suspected me as a spy. The FIA said, I should have registered myself to the border rangers and I wouldn't have ended up in jail. Pictures are available here:

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Re: Crossing Broghil pass

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hey viktor
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Re: Crossing Broghil pass

Post by Koen »

Hi Viktor and all,
looks like very nice area i would like to visit the broghill valley, is it enough there just to have a Pakistan visa?
I will come from Europe on a motorbike with no rush and Pakistan is on my list to visit extensively.
All tips and info is welcome.

cheers Koen
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