Wakhan Rapist

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Wakhan Rapist

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I posted in 2019 about the Australian tourist who was raped (or "molested", or "sexually harassed" as Afghan new sites and officials usually use euphemisms) by the district governor of the Wakhan district (Abdul Maruf Khairkhwa). The article at the time stated that the governor had been suspended from duties and that an investigation would be conducted. The only reason an investigation started was because she went to the Afghan border police for help. This district governor/rapist is himself a former police chief from this area, so going to the local police would have got you nothing. But the border guards follow a totally different command.

Anyways, the "investigation" was completed and determined that the governor is innocent ("no documents proving the crime", as if it was bank fraud). Of course. There was no other possible outcome.

https://8am.af/fact-sheet-no-evidence-t ... adakhshan/

What really happened is that she was separated from her husband by a guesthouse manager who claimed that men and women in Afghanistan can't sleep in the same room during Ramadan, even if they are married. This is, to be sure, not a thing in Islam (there are just some guidelines about abstaining during ramadan, and they don't apply to non-Muslims, and couples can sleep in the same bed). That night while sleeping alone she was attacked by the governor.

Other websites that I won't link to are posting the Australian woman's photo and calling her a liar. Brutal stuff.

So... a guesthouse in Wakhan (in Khandud, I would guess) conspired with the governor to rape a tourist, a plot that included separating her from her husband/partner. They would have had to have been planning this for at least half a day. And the perpetrators got away with it, with some minor inconvenience. And that guesthouse still exists. And local people will know this story, and the men will know that they won't be punished.

All I can say is go with one of those guides who handles everything for you and who has a proven reputation over years. He wouldn't let a guesthouse separate his clients.

For those who want to comment, please consider if your words are cruel, stupid or an attempt to deflect from the crime (yes, we already know that rape happens in New York and the Netherlands and etc....).
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