Accommodation in Mazar e Sharif

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Accommodation in Mazar e Sharif

Post by ZenitramF »

Hi there!

Please anyone can tell me some recommended accommation in Mazar e Sharif??

I will appreciate if you can post their contact mails in order to write them and make a reservation.

Thanks very much!

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Re: Accommodation in Mazar e Sharif

Post by adi »

Not exactly a timely reply, alas in Oct. 2014 there were three guest houses (al of them literally ”no name² in the immediate vicinity of the mosque/bazar area:

Two immediately across the street from the north exit of the park around the mosque. Look for the building wit a sign "7 D cinema" (approx map ref: 36°42'40.0"N 67°06'37.9"E) a fried chicken joint (decent grub) on the ground floor: GH A is straight ahead, first door one floor up, GH B to the right, again on the upper floor.

By the west exist a sign on the 2nd floor of a building indicated another GH (which I didn't visit) 36°42'36.0"N 67°06'28.4"E.

GH A offered at haggled 500 Afg., a room with double bed, fan, broken TV. Bathroom, with squat toilet and not working water heater, but clean.
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Re: Accommodation in Mazar e Sharif

Post by jimmycambodia »

Hi all,

I know this isnt timely but thought I'd share anyway. I stayed at the Zarafshan Guesthouse which is located a few blocks north of Ghazanfar roundabout, north west of the blue mosque.

It was really an exceptional place. The staff were lovely and very accommodating. Breakfast was good and security was excellent. They have 24 hour guards, a large gate with about 10 metres between the street and the actual building, CCTV and safe room on the top floor. They also have internet and hot water. I paid $45 USD a night.

If you travel north from Ghazanfar square, it is maybe three or four blocks up on the right hand side of the road. You need to turn right off the main street if you are coming north. You can see it from quite far away as it has a big sign on the roof that says "ZG Hotel". Other than the sign on the roof it is pretty non-descript from the street, which is a good thing.

Ask for a room on the third floor for quicker access to the safe room on the 4th if, which hopefully you wont, you need to use it. Better to be safe than sorry. That said, they have never had an incident.

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