Looking for buddy's to travel the Pamir highway 20-7 - 27/7

Share a ride on the Pamir Highway
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Re: Looking for buddy's to travel the Pamir highway 20-7 - 27/7

Post by Christian77 »

bwv812 wrote:
Fri May 20, 2022 9:37 pm
During the 2012 conflict (in which more people died) they opened up the same year, only 2-3 months later. The trouble started in late July, and I visited in October.

However, because this conflict has been going on for a longer period, and they have had restrictions on internet and phone services for a longer period, it wouldn't be surprising if this takes longer.
Thanks for the clarification. I think my (longer) time frame had in mind informal regional restrictions on certain people with work visas, which I had at the time - not on tourists...
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