Pamir Highway - July 11 - 16 - Ride sharing

Share a ride on the Pamir Highway
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Pamir Highway - July 11 - 16 - Ride sharing

Post by Navi22 »

Hi all,

We are a Norwegian male and Hungarian female planning to do a short Pamir Highway trip (Dushanbe - Dushanbe). Unfortunately, we have limited time left, so the goal is to leave by July 11 or 12 and be back by July 16 to catch a flight on the 17. (so 5 to 6 days). Please let us know if you would like to share a van and the trip together!
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Re: Pamir Highway - July 11 - 16 - Ride sharing

Post by Kazynski »

What are your plans? If you plan to hire a vehicle and I could hitch a ride/share costs for a couple of days and then stay longer, that could work.
Or the other way round, I hire something and you guys make your way back a bit sooner.
Let me know!
41 year old Dutch guy, traveling solo.
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