Pamir Highway Scheduled Group Tour - Notes

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Pamir Highway Scheduled Group Tour - Notes

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Recently (September, 2019) completed a 10 day Pamir Highway scheduled group tour with Khudik (recommended by & found through Caravanistan).
An incredible experience. Landcruiser was in great shape. The drivers were safe & professional. There were 5 of us in the vehicle, full complement, comfortable & close, but great people (random) with whom to travel. Advantages were, the experience of the drivers and company and the scheduled departure dates.

Note 1: Two had communicated through the forum and I would recommend potential 'ride sharers' to do this.

Note 2: Something to keep in mind that price is dependent on number of riders & this # can turn out to be dynamic. See Note 1. If someone cancels at the last minute, then the cost per rider share may go up (of course this can go the other way). On this, one should be mentally prepared for the eventuality and plan, if necessary, on obtaining funds in Dushnabe.

Note 3: I opted out of going to Afghanistan so I am unable to comment on this excursion. Visa cost for some was $200/US.

Note 4: Other than that the homestays were great. Great trip.
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