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Anybody in Aktau/Mangistau to split costs?

Posted: Wed Oct 16, 2019 1:08 am
by Fess
We are arriving in Shetpe by train from Uzbekistan this Friday the 18th. We will sleep in Shetpe and do a day tour to Rocky Balls Valley, Akmysh Oasis, Sherkala, Samal Gorge and Valley of Castles. We will go with a local taxi and expect to pay between 15,000 to 25,000 tenge for the car.

We plan to take public transport with the pilgrims to visit Beketa-Ata and sleep in the guesthouse there. However we would love to visit Bozzhira and Karynzharyk(Ustyurt), maybe also Tuzbair. We have been quoted 60,000 tenge for a day trip to upper and lower Bazzhira leaving from Beketa-Ata or more like 75,000 for longer trip to visit the sites mentioned above beyond Bazzhira.

We also plan to visit Shakpak-Ata & Sultan Epe hopefully via setting up transport in Taushyk but if we can split costs we could also do that as a day trip from Aktau. We don't fly out until October 30th from Aktau so we are slightly flexible if anybody is looking to share the cost of the car.

And if anybody has a suggestion how we can do these trips more cheaply than 60,000 plus please let me know. We have the time.

You can WhatsApp me at +1 224 401 1394

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