Osh to Son-Kol via Kazarman + Saimaluu Tash Petroglyphs

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Osh to Son-Kol via Kazarman + Saimaluu Tash Petroglyphs

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I'm a solo traveller who just arrived in Osh and am coming up with a travel plan for Kyrgyzstan for the coming days. I'd like to get to Son-Kol but the "easy" route via Bishkek loops round a little, and I thought it could be more fun to try to get to Son-Kol by taking the eastwards road via Jalal-Abad and Kazarman, then possibly on to Jumgal. The lonely planet guide says that shared taxis from Jalal-Abad to Kazarman are available, but I think onwards transport is lackluster so it's likely I'd have to hire a full taxi/FWD to Jumgal or at least Chayek. It would be great if anyone else was interested in joining for this trip as we could split this cost between us!

An added bonus would be to visit the Saimaluu Tash Petroglyphs on a two-day trip from Kazarman, which would also be much more affordable if split between a few travellers :)

I'm thinking of leaving Osh in three or four days, but I'm flexible! Hit me up if you're interested or if you're in Osh right now and would like to meet up for a drink ;)


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