Torugart Pass early october

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Torugart Pass early october

Postby PauSolde » Mon Sep 02, 2019 12:37 pm


I will be travelling to Kyrgyzstan and China next october, and I am wondering how to cross to China. My desired option is through Torugart Pass, which seems to be really expensive to do on my own (around 450USD from Naryn to Kashgar).

Is there any cheaper way to cross this pass, or the only alternative is going down to Osh and then cross via Irkestham pass? This option seems to be easier and cheaper thant the first one, but it's not my preferred route.

Will be anyone on the area on those days, in order to try to share a car via Torugart and split the costs? If we'll manage to be 4 of us, the cost will be around 100-150USD, which is still expensive but may worth it.

Any additional info about how to cross Kyrgyz-Chinese border will be welcome!

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