Iran-Pakistan May/June 2023

Iran, Mongolia, Caucasus, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan.
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Iran-Pakistan May/June 2023

Post by Lamthé »

Hi everyone,

We are a couple travelling from France to Cambodia mostly by hitchhiking - but we are not extrem hitchhiker that never accept to use public transportation time to time.
We are currently in Turkey and we will stay here around untill beginning of May. It's been 6 months we've left France and even if we've met many people we've moved mostly by ourselves without traveling with anyone else. These days we feel we would maybe share our journey in Iran with travel buddies. :roll:

If someone here is "on the move" on the same road and timing we would be glad to meet you.

Pleasure to meet silk road travellers !

Lou and Terence
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Re: Iran-Pakistan May/June 2023

Post by bugi01 »


Darren here, also hitchhiking the same way but maybe a bit later than you. Currently in Turkey and slowly heading towards Iran.
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Re: Iran-Pakistan May/June 2023

Post by confickerx64 »

Hello, I'm Ahmet from Turkey and I'm going to Iran Pakistan India then Malaysia by plane.I'm planning to complete all my preparations and set off on August 15. I will hitchhike or use public transport from Iran to India If anyone wants to join me, I can be flexible with the dates. If I don't have a visa or health problems, everything will be clear on 20-25 July. If there is someone planning to do this route alone, you can contact me and we will do this route together. You can reach me at @confickerx64 Instagram to make a detailed plan.
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